Gear Drive

Gear transmission refers to a device that transmits motion and power by a gear pair. It is the most widely used mechanical transmission method in various modern equipment. Its transmission is relatively accurate, high efficiency, compact structure, reliable work and long life.

Among various transmission forms, gear transmission is the most widely used in modern machinery.

Gear transmission can be divided into different types according to different classification methods.

Type of gear transmission

According to whether the transmission ratio of a pair of gear transmission is constant, it can be divided into fixed transmission ratio and variable transmission ratio gear transmission. According to the shape of the tooth profile curve, it can be divided into involute gear transmission, cycloid gear transmission, arc gear transmission and parabolic gear transmission. According to different working conditions of gear transmission, it can be divided into closed gear transmission, open gear transmission and semi-open gear transmission. According to the hardness of the tooth surface, it is divided into soft tooth surface gear transmission and hard tooth surface gear transmission.

Gear Drive

Failure form

Gear transmission works by the meshing of teeth and teeth. Gear teeth are the part of the gear that directly participates in the work. Therefore, the failure of the gear mainly occurs on the teeth. The main failure modes include tooth fracture, tooth surface pitting, tooth surface wear, tooth surface gluing, and plastic deformation.

Design criteria

Under certain conditions, the failure mode of tooth surface pitting due to broken gear teeth is the main one. Therefore, when designing gear transmissions, the main failure modes that may occur should be analyzed according to actual working conditions to determine the corresponding design criteria.

Gear transmission characteristics

1. High transmission accuracy. 2. Wide application range. 3. It can realize the transmission between any two shafts in spaces such as parallel shafts, intersecting shafts, and staggered shafts, which is also impossible with belt transmission and chain transmission. 4. Reliable work and long service life. 5. The transmission efficiency is relatively high, generally 0.94 to 0.99. 6. The manufacturing and installation requirements are relatively high, so the cost is also relatively high. 7. The requirements for environmental conditions are strict. Except for a few low-speed and low-precision situations, it is generally required to be placed in the box cover to prevent dust and scale, and also needs to pay attention to lubrication. 8. It is not suitable for transmission between two shafts that are far apart. 9. Vibration damping and impact resistance are not as good as belt drives and other flexible drives.

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