What is the gear ratio of a cycloidal gearbox?

The equipment ratio of a cycloidal gearbox, also known as a cycloidal drive or cycloidal reducer, is determined by the quantity of lobes or China cycloidal gearbox exporter lobed cutouts on the cycloidal disc and the arrangement of the input and output elements. The equipment ratio is calculated centered on the relationship involving the enter rotation and the ensuing output rotation.

In a usual cycloidal gearbox, the equipment ratio can array from close to ten:one to one hundred:one or higher, relying on the particular structure and application needs. The gear ratio represents the velocity reduction or torque multiplication attained by the gearbox. For illustration, a equipment ratio of 20:one signifies that the output velocity is one/20th of the input speed, though the output torque is twenty instances increased than the input torque.

It truly is critical to observe that the equipment ratio of a cycloidal gearbox is not preset but can be adjusted by shifting the layout parameters, such as the selection of lobes on the cycloidal gearbox factory disc or the arrangement of the enter and output elements. This adjustability enables for flexibility in matching the gearbox’s functionality to the precise software specifications, these types of as the sought after speed reduction and cycloidal gearbox factory torque multiplication.

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